Teeth Whitening

Here at Irvine Lake Dental Center, we offer professional-grade teeth whitening with Opalescence® Boost, an effective way to brighten smiles in about an hour. The simple procedure requires no anesthesia, and it’s perfectly safe. After a thorough cleaning, we will apply a protective barrier on your gums, and the whitening will begin. You’ll leave our office with a smile that you can be confident in.

You may prefer to whiten at home, and we can help with that as well. We’ll create custom trays to make home whitening comfortable. Each night for a week or two you’ll need to apply our professional-grade whitening gel to the trays, and wear them at night. Within just a few days, you will notice a difference, and by the time treatment is complete, you’ll smile with confidence. Take-home trays can also touch up and maintain in-office whitening.

Most patients will experience dramatic results with either teeth whitening method, though not all discolorations can be lightened with the treatment. Whitening treatments are most successful in removing yellow, brown, or orange tinges incurred from aging, coffee, tea, or smoking. However, dark gray tones from fluorosis or tetracycline use may not whiten as dramatically. Artificial materials such as silicants or porcelains do not whiten at all. Patients with sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, or worn enamel typically do not respond well to whitening. For these cases, cosmetic procedures such as veneers may provide the best solution.