Deep Cleaning

For patients with bleeding gums, heavy plaque, and calcium deposits (calculus), we recommend a deep cleaning procedure. Bacteria number in hundreds of billions in the mouth, and there are approximately 325 different bacterial species in plaque. As the plaque builds up around the teeth and below the gums, calcium in your saliva can deposit themselves on to the plaque and form calculus. As more and more bacteria accumulate, they will cause inflammation, pain, bone loss, and eventual loss of teeth. Deep cleaning will remove these harmful structures both above and below the gums, eliminating bacterial reservoirs.

This is the result of poor oral hygiene leading to calculus build up around the teeth. Calculus is a reservoir for bacteria, and unchecked bacterial growth can cause severe bone loss around the teeth, a condition known as periodontitis.  Also note the heavy buildup of calculus, and the inflamed gums after removal.

Examples of before and after of calculus removal through deep cleaning.